Least of My Brethren


St. Patrick's Outreach for the Homeless of Omaha and Council Bluffs

MINISTRY 1: Breakfast Feed Downtown


Once a month, we will have a breakfast from 7-11 am on Saturday. We are looking for 5-6 people who would buy, prepare and serve the breakfast to 75 or so people. Equally, we need help collecting adult bikes, jeans, shirts, boots/shoes, hygiene products and would be willing to distribute them during the breakfast. If you are looking for a way to make a difference this can be a very warm and moving experience.

Please Contact:

Mitch or Kathy Wendlandt
402-740-6179 / 402-740-1889


MINISTRY 2: Assist People Living Outside 


 We simply need items that assist with basic survival such as:

-Tents, Tarps, Sleeping Bags
-Large size socks, underwear 
-Adult size bicycle w/ padlock
-Toilet Paper 
-Bug Spray
-Deodorant, chapstick
-Plastic Silverware
-Paper Plates
-Adult / Rain Poncho 

-Snack packs: (easy on teeth)
-Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
-Large backpacks
-Pop-top foods (Fruit, soup, stew)
-Flannel Shirts (L & XL)
-Hoody sweatshirts (L & XL)
-Thermal Tops and Bottoms (l & XL)
-Heavy winter gloves
-Winter hats, heavy gloves
-Adult Winter Coats 


Please Contact:

Bill or Celeste Baumert


MINISTRY 3: Help Move Someone off the Streets and into an Apartment 

All the items are donated to us each week. We need people with vehicles to pick up furnishings, deliver and help setup. We move people every Saturday. Can you find a helper, a vehicle, and spare 4 hours on Saturday? This can extra special, as you have a chance to be compassionate, listen, and offer a prayer for them as you leave. This can be very fulfilling. If you have used items want to find a good home for them, please consider donating them to our friends on the street. We would be happy to pick the items up! 

Please Contact:
Dave Harvey