News and Events

Parish Events 

To reserve space in the Fr. Hitch room, Fr. Wallace room, or the Sanctuary please contact the parish office at 402-332-4444. To reserve space in the parish center please contact Lezlie Thomas at 402-525-3098. And, to reserve space in the RE commons area please contact Shane Fagan at 402-332-3454. Upon confirmation your event will be posted to the church calendar. 

 Weekly Bulletin

The parish bulletin is distributed at each Mass every weekend. If you were unable to attend Mass at St. Patrick's, you can find the most recent bulletin here. If you would like to put a blurb in the bulletin, please contact the parish office. Bulletin blurbs for the following weekend are due Monday at noon the weekend you want it posted, excluding holidays and vacation. 

For more any questions or more information, please contact the parish office at 402-332-4444 or by email.